Motivated, passionate, energetic, adventurous.

Where you want go, what you wanna do.

  1. LoveVsFear Fear is focused on your past+future, focus on now and be in love.  
  2. Appreciate We are all dying, but you are pretty fucking lucky. Be grateful for every experience.
  3. Emotional Independence You are the only one who controls how you feel.
  4. Reflect Look in the mirror, and ask who am I becoming. Not who am I.
  5. One Up Til the Sun Up You only live once.
  6. tWerk it Don’t forget your body, baby.
  7. Positive Energy Madness Spread your energy wisely, walk away negativity.  
  8. FreakFlagFly Sexual Revoultion, push boundaries of comfort.
  9. Elevated Dreams guide you, free your mind to where it lead you. (lucid dreaming/meditation, tap into the subconscious)
  10. NoRuts Don’t get stuck, when it isn’t working move on.
  11. Uranium Energy from stars, that have landed on Earth. (find those friends and keep them)
  12. ChaosMagicNeverEnding Start the conversation, man vs nature.
  13. Let Go Over analysing never got you anywhere, when you get stuck focus on now.
  14. Feel Everything Let energy and emotions flow through you and realise how they can change over time.
  15. SelfWorth Validate yourself before you let someone else.  
  16. Intuition Listen to your body, your gut is on it.
  17. Disconnect Focus on using time alone wisely.
  18. Orgasm Letting go, being in control of your needs.
  19. Distance Alone time is healthy for you, make sure to take that space.
  20. Attract Your power comes from you, you give the energy that you attract.
  21. Traum Manifest your desires that stick around, reoccurring thoughts.
  22. To the Moon Expand your thinking and how you spread your love, think outside your bubble.
  23. Youth Be a f*cking mentor, help somebody else besides yourself.
  24. Telepathy Explore connections of the mind, don’t loose merging feelings.
  25. Irresistible Own your sexuality—flirt, give eyes, show interest.
  26. Rituals Create your healthy habits now, don’t do it too late.
  27. ExpressYourself Allow yourself to be vulnerable, don’t hide out of fear of misunderstanding - you ain’t that freaky.
  28. Transcend Know you can change your personality, be stronger, activated. Go beyond your own expectations of yourself.
  29. Amaze Love yourself, share that energy with the right people and see it grow.
  30. Change Your Mind Just as your emotions can grow and evolve so can your perception.
  31. Empathy Life is a struggle, everyone is trying as hard as they can.
  32. Open/Expand Find situations where you can be vulnerable, people that push your own way of thinking.  
  33. Löve Don’t be fucking scared of it, learn how to embrace it.