Make Life A Ride
Motorcycles and the culture surrounding them have arguably lost relevance. The market is stagnating and all brands face the same problem: They have lost their grip on mainstream culture, plus their current customer base is noticeably old. So who else could re-imagine the world of motorcycling better than BMW Motorrad? The brand has stood for an optimistic and creative approach to life for more than 90 years.

“MAKE LIFE A RIDE” is our new expression of this attitude. A relentless and optimistic pursuit of personal fulfillment. The campaign features real stories of people following their own path to happiness. From a female rock band in Brooklyn to a landscape photographer in Iceland, all characters are authentic and true, but not trite. Set in scene, but not staged.

Emphasize MAKE LIFE A RIDE in all sales literature for the global market by taking it out of a product focused world and making it more lifestyle and attainable.

At the heart of the campaign stands a brand film expressing the new attitude. Supported by press, print, catalogues, and advertising showcasing the feeling of riding a bike rather than simply the product itself.

Over the past couple of years we have created a variety of sales literature as well as created new design guidelines that are more like a magazine then a product catalog.

Our highlight being Ben Brown on his journey to become a motorcycle rider. Highlighting him in our Ride&Style Sales literature and online.

Ben Brown

- Art Direction
- Research
- Activation